Real Estate Blog Copywriting

Weekly Real Estate Blog Post Subscription

If you’ve been told regular blogging can improve your exposure and better connect you with your clients but your budget is tight, and you never seem to find the time to write or aren’t sure what to write about, then this service is for you! Here is a sample blog post.

Real Estate Blog Subscription series with one post per week: $25/mo* 

All you need to do is add a photo, post to your website and you’re set.  

* Minimum 3 mo. subscription required. Note: This is a generic real estate blog post that will be used by other REALTOR’s®. You can modify the headline and content however you like to make it original to you. 

Monthly Real Estate Blogging Service

If you are looking for rich original content, and someone to write and post it for you, try the Monthly Blogging Service. A minimum three-month contract is required. Remember, content is king. Your success is directly related to the number of blog posts you add, the content you share and the conversations you have with your followers. Skip one element and you will forfeit potential clients and profits.