Real Estate Copywriting Services

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Attract and engage prospects with content they can use and the services they want.

My job is to make your website and social media highlight your expertise as a real estate agent who knows how to close the sale. The best way to do that is to provide content prospects are searching for.

It’s about them, not you!

You want to be found when a homeowner makes the decision to downsize and is wondering what she needs to do to prepare her home to sell.

You want to be found when that newly married couple starts searching for their first condo and they realize they don’t know the first thing about the home buying process, or which neighbourhoods are going to offer the best return on their investment.


Informative website content.

Engaging social media posts.

Company profiles and newsletters that show you have the clients best interests at heart.

You want to be seen as an expert in the nuances of real estate, whether it’s a particular neighbourhood that you specialize in or if it’s your sense of design style for staging that makes you a listing agent of choice.
Let me help you put together a marketing plan that converts prospects into clients.

Professional Copywriting services

No time? Can’t seem to find the words? Hate writing altogether?

Whether you are just starting out and need that boost to get your business off the ground, or if you have a well-established practice but feel you just don’t have the time to service your clients through newsletters and social media, I am here provide the support you need. Let your team can stay focused on what you all do best, selling!

How much?

Rates will vary depending on the work involved and will be based on either a flat fee or hourly rate. You can hire me for a single project, on a retainer basis or for a project with multiple elements that we create together.

The fees include the time necessary for interviews and research in addition to the writing. A rush job will be billed at a higher rate than those with a longer timeline.

I follow The Professional Writers Association of Canada’s guidelines for fair rates.

Services offered:

Passionate About Real Estate

I have had an interest in real estate since I was a kid. First I wanted to be an architect, but I realized I really couldn’t draw. Next, I wanted to be an interior designer, but that issue with drawing came up again. A degree in Geography with a focus on Urban Planning came next.

Real estate experience

My career has touched real estate from many angles. First as an account executive with a major shopping centre developer, then as a copywriter for Canada’s most experienced real estate marketing firm. Next as a sales and marketing executive for two top retirement living developers and finally as a sales rep for an Internet-based residential real estate referral company. I’ve also invested in real estate multiple times, renovated from the ground up (including a historical building) and I’ve been a landlord. Real estate excites me, whether I am creating ads for a great pocket listing, creating a well-planned website for the next top-ranked agent, or writing an article that makes a prospective client dream about their ideal property.

To strengthen my expertise in the field I received a certificate in Digital Communications from Mount Royal University so I could better serve my clients with detailed web content curation, and web and social media analytics.

Ensure your web copy and social media keep your clients engaged

If you’ve compared your website or social media to your competitors and noticed there is something lacking, I’m here to help. Let’s make sure your communication stands out as a comprehensive, information filled source that will attract and engage the clients you are looking for.

Contact me and let’s get started!

P.S. More detail on services offered can be found here. Agent bios, website content creation, property brochures and more!

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