Real Estate Social Media Copywriting

Social Media Content Writing

Social Media is your opportunity to prove your expertise and chat with your prospects and past clients. Regular interaction with your readers provides the opportunity to build relationships, create share-worthy content and convert your ideal audience into clients and referral agents.

Posting A Listing On Facebook Isn’t Enough

If you are like most real estate agents and your social media is comprised of posting an occasional listing on Facebook you are barely touching the surface of what social media can do for your business. Your annual marketing plan should include a series of social media techniques to help reach your business goal of being a relevant and knowledgeable real estate professional.

Use Social Media To Make Connections And Widen Your Network

Open your referral base on LinkedIn where you can link, and talk to realtors in other communities. Widen your influencer network on Twitter. Show your staging know-how on Instagram and Pinterest, and stay in touch with past clients and prospects with regular emails and e-newsletters. Add hashtags to your real estate blogs and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so readers can find, follow and join your conversation. See the effect of Facebook and Instagram Ads to widen the reach of your listings and watch your prospect list grow.

If all of this seems time-consuming and slightly overwhelming, let me help. We can grow your social influence together.